Post Overview

This blog is a blog that is meant to be for the general interest of anyone perusing it as it will be a view at a certain opinion on many topics. It will also be my main method of creative output and so I will post on it regularly.

Now for something about all the posts I will be (hopefully) be posting regularly.

I am planning on posting something at least once a day, so check back often to catch up with what has happened. On good, bad, or just particularly interesting days I will be posting several somethings.

I will be posting daily. On Fridays I will do a weekly round-up (news). On Sunday I will do a weekly round-up (personal).

I will be posting many different types posts. They will be: poems, creative writings, quotes (my own), discussions and finally general ramblings.

The main type of posts I will be doing will be general ramblings. There may be two posts on a day, but there should always be either a rambling or a creative story.

As stated earlier, at least one of these will be posted daily.

All feedback is appreciated and will be taken into consideration and then replied to.


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