This about my own personal belief. As a result, it will not be a finished project, as belief will always be a work in progress. It will not be coherent, as belief is not a scientific process. It will also not be flawless. Now that I have warned you against this, time to begin.

I believe in energy. As science has taught us, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can just  be transferred or changed. As a result of this, the amount of energy in the universe is fixed. There is only so much of it to go around. Think of this amount of energy as a great pool or ocean, deep and fathomless, but not infinite. This is what we have to begin with, and to end with.

Now remember that Earth has different oceans, each a different size and with differing characteristics. Think of the galaxies within the universe as these differing oceans. Each has an allocation of the total energy of the universe held within it, but it is not held solely within it. The water/energy from one can mix or fall into the other. Nothing is truly separate from each other.

This splitting up occurs again and again. Each galaxy has solar systems within it, which get an allocation of the energy of the galaxy, and each planet gets an allocation of the energy of the solar system. Every form of life gets a portion of the energy that is allocated to its planet. This is what I like to call our lifeforce. It is what connects us to everything.

It is a result of this allocation that species die out. A planet cannot support too much life. Its energy will get depleted through providing for life, and not for sustaining the life. I know I mentioned that energy can be transferred within the system, but it is not an easy process, and no matter how much water you pour into a cup, if it is full, it is full. As one species grows larger and more numerous, other species will start to die out. Their vital energy is diverted to the dominant species. Even if the species does not die out, this diversion of their energy damages the remaining members.

Now to leave pseudo-science behind. This energy that we are given at birth is limited, unless we attempt to steal if from others. When we are born, we are given our portion of energy from our pool, and when we die, the energy is given back to the pool to replenish it and be recycled. However, this energy can be changed slightly. Through our life, we imprint upon the energy, guide it towards certain acts and beliefs. When we die, the energy is put back into the pool, and these characteristics scattered, but they are not lost. They are simply diffused. If there is a consistent characteristic being pushed, it starts to get stronger and more prevalent. Obviously this can be for good or evil. To use the movie Gladiator, “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” This cannot be more true where, upon death, you are giving all that you have done, for good or bad, to the next generation.

I guess this is where I’ll end for today. It may not be the best theory/belief, but it is mine. It is the one that comforts me and is understandable to me. So yeah. As always, up for commentary.

Be safe. Be strong.



This is not a well-written post that will move you in ways you did not think you could be moved. It is not a perfect view of language or wonder. It is simply something that I believe in, wrote down and posted. It is a statement of my feeling.

The blood of martyrs stains the path behind me. The blood of soldiers and victims, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, all stain the path behind me. The path behind me has created orphans and monsters, demons and saints.
The path behind me is the path before me.
Every step I take makes what is ahead, under. One more step and what is under, is behind.
My very existence should be a celebration of all that has gone before me.
To quote/paraphrase: In Gladiator, the character of Maximus states that “What we do in life echoes in eternity”. In 300, the character of Leonidas proclaims to Xerxes that “The world will know that free men stood up to a tyrant, that the few stood up against the many”.
It is this statement, amongst others, that show the gift that has been given to us, that has been fought for so bloodily.
Before us and for us, billions have died. After us trillions will die. We cannot squander the gift that has been given to us. After death, we are merely a number, but during life, we are a person.
To make me, two people had to meet. To make those two, four people had to meet. To make those four, eight people had to meet. The numbers of my ancestors, their weight and sacrifice, must not be wasted.
Our past has given us wonders beyond counting, and atrocities beyond reason.
The path behind is stained. The path ahead is stained.
But the path ahead can be cleaned and purified. The wonders may increase, and the atrocities will decrease.

So then, today, I make my pledge.

I will not squander the chance that has been given to me. Each day I will live in celebration of all that has come before and faith in all that will follow. I will live my life to not end up a number, but end up a person. A name, history and legacy.
Today I pledge to not waste the sacrifices made for me.

I pledge it.


It’s sometimes hard to come up with something meaningful and worthy of being posted. This is pretty much the sole reason that I post so rarely, even though I am meant to be posting a couple of times a week. I think the the problem to this is that I view my self as a professional, when I have barely even achieved amateur status.

So from now on, I will be posting whenever I have a thought in my mind that I can pin down enough to share it. Hopefully this will happen at least once a week and, with time, they will get progressively better as I get better at tracking, capturing and transcribing these thoughts.

So for today, I guess my thought is that I am not so good at tracking, capturing and transcribing my thoughts. If I lose sight of it once, I give up on it entirely and watch Youtube, and if I do capture it, I often try to write it in its full glory, not realising that my skills may not be up to it entirely. It is for this reason that I decided to start writing in series, where I deal with one aspect of a thought at a time.

All in all, things are looking up (I have now posted twice in two days) and I think that my skills are leveling up. Hopefully one day I will be a level 60 hunter, rather than the brand new account I have now.

As always,

Be Safe.
Be Strong.